Can Qubes be installed on a Raid Array?

On most of my computer system I run an M.2 SSD for primary drive and then use raid 0 and raid 1 on my hard drives. Will Qubes see the raid arrays? In windows 10, it was necessary to run a utility program before Win 10 would recognize the arrays. Otherwise it sees individual drives or not at all.

I am using Asus motherboards. Several of them are Pro 470 but the one I am planning to use for Cubes is a B550M which will support a CPU with built in Video.

So you won’t use a raid controller? That would probably make it a bit harder… I’d recommend looking at this first:

AFAIK the installer is based on Fedora, so the answer depends on whether Fedora supports such setup. It looks like yes: 12.3. RAID Types.