Can `pass` be used with QubesOS?

QubesOS newbie here. I am fascinated by the QubesOS design. Trying to read the intro documentation before I install it on my system.

From the documentation that I’ve seen, KeePassXC is recommended for use, for password management purposes. And ctrl+c > ctrl+shift+c > ctrl+shift+v > ctrl+v spiel is necessary to copy/paste the passwords from one qube to another.

I would like to know, can pass be used in this ctrl+shift+c/v ritual?

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Hi @tanky0u, I’m glad you like the Qubes OS design!

pass -c Email/

Copied Email/ to clipboard. Will clear in 45 seconds.

Since it can copy things to the clipboard, you can apply the ctrl+shift+c spell and then put the password into another VM just fine.

I see that it also uses GPG. Maybe one could even combine it with Split GPG?

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Ah, correct. Once the -c argument to pass copies the password to the clipboard, I can issue ctrl+shift+c key sequence to elevate the copied password to the “inter-qube clipboard.”

That sounds right. Thanks.

Most definitely one could, I’ve been using it since the day I started using Qubes.

So the pass (or some frontend, like Qtpass) is treated here as any other password manager, running on some vault appvm. That vault is then just configured to use split-gpg normally.

In some cases it might be tricky to convince some pass frontend (there are many!) to use qubes-gpg-client-wrapper, but at least Qtpass can be configured to use it directly. As a last resort, one can of course make symlink from /usr/bin/gpg to qubes-gpg-client-wrapper, in case of some tool is hard-coding the path.

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