Can not start new qubes from Qubes OS manager

Hello community

I am running Qubes 4.1.

After a restart of the OS today I can not open any Qubes from the Qubes GUI manager. The only green light is on dom0.

I am getting the error message that the vm-sys-net volatile already exists.

The command lvs shows that the metadata size for vm-ool is 100%. I had already set the treshold in lvm.config to 100% last week. Now I wanted to backup my data and copied tons of data from the internal disk VMs to a seperate external harddrive when suddenly I got an error “read only filesystem”. So I restarted Qubes OS and now I am getting the error above.

Any help?

PS: I found a similar/same issue on the tracker but their solution (to delete the private- volatile disk) did not work. Also in another topic on QUbes OS with a similar problem, someone recommended to reduce the swap space to make room which I did but it also did not help.

Now, after all these things I tried, like reducing swap to free up space, I can not boot anymore. My BIOS does not recognize the disk anymore as bootable. I guess there is a problem now because the disk is 100% full.

Is there any way I can save the data by booting into a live system and opening the AppVMs? Could anybody please refer me to a tutorial?

First, if you have the space on another hard drive, make a bit-for-bit copy (a clone) of the hard drive from a live CD. Use a search engine to find the method you are comfortable with.

Next, review this:

While the article may state things such as “Open a Linux terminal in either dom0 or the app qube” the actual utilities used to access the data not Qubes OS specific. Tools such as lsblk, cryptsetup, the LVM tools, and mount can be used from Fedora Live Media.

Just creating a Debian USB stick. I will try to use it as the rescue system.