Can not start anything in a standaloneVM


I can not start any program, no bash, nothing. It shows just no reaction on any chosen program.

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What do the VM logs say? You can look at them in the Qube Manager upon the right click with the mouse.

tho logs “guest-communication” show no action after login
other logs show nothing

Hi @qun,

What is the standaloneVM OS?

And the other logs?

Read the vm-kernel-troubleshooting documentation.

open a terminal

Idea 1, from tray bar:

  • From tray icon bar, left click on the Q icon (Qubes Domains)
  • Choose your VM
  • In the menu, choose Run terminal

Idea2, from Qube Manager

  • right click on your VM
  • in the menu, choose Run comand in qube
  • enter xterm


standalone runs debian10
other logs show nothing useful (guid: iconsize blabla, qrexec: eintr eintr eintr)

I can not start anything from the menu of the VM.

Can not even start xterm as “run command”

Go to the Dom0 terminal and write the following:

qvm-run <nameofqube> 'xterm'

Does everything work in the original TemplateVM from which you created the standaloneVM? Perhaps you can try to create the latter again.