Can not remove a persistent attachment from a non halted vm


I wanted to use my mic in personal-browser(Appvm) derived from debian-11-minimal (audiopulse,network,firefox) so

I did “qvm-device mic attach --persistent personal-browser dom0:mic”
but now i’m not able to remove the device by any sorts. The device gets attached to the Appvm whenever i start the qube.

To remove i use this command “qvm-device mic detach personal-browser dom0:mic” which doesn’t work and gives me the following error.
Do i need to install any additional packages to make this work?

Thank you

  1. Stop qubesd service: systemctl stop qubesd
  2. Edit /var/lib/qubes/qubes.xml (find personal-browser and remove the device from its “devices” section)
  3. Start qubesd service.