Can I use a USB audio adapter with the b450pro4?

I am using a B450pro4. Can I use a USB audio adapter with this motherboard? I used to be able to use it with my HP8200 Elite SFF, but this motherboard doesn’t seem to work.

If possible, would it be possible to make it work with other USB audio adapters?

I don’t see any reason why an USB audio adapter wouldn’t work.

What’s your issue exactly? Is it shown in the USB pass through applet list?

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ありがとうございます。HP 8200 Eliteの方はUSBオーディオを接続しただけで音が出ていたのですが、それと同じだと思いこんでいました。USB pass through applet listは右上のタスクバーのところにあるアイコンのことかなと思いますが、そこには現れておらず、オーディオの設定のところから辿っていくとUSB Audioの項目がちゃんと表示されていました。簡単なことですが気が付きませんでした。いずれにせよ使用できるようになってよかったです。

I have that same board and my sound simply stopped a few days ago. I used the green port on the back. My front ports have never been used nor plugged-in. Chasing after the usual suspects turned-up no guilty party. I will be building a new Ryzen box in a few days, so for me any fix is not necessary. You may be helped by this these AsRock posts with the same problem: No sound from B450 Pro4 Realtek Audio driver - ASRock Forums - Page 1

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This is unrelated to the topic, OP wanted to use an USB audio adapter, not the motherboard audio output. And they found the solution :ok_hand:

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