Can I run qubes-split-browser disposable VM without sudo privileges?

I recently discovered on this forum the qubes-split-browser option. I installed it and started using it. I noticed that the Tor in the Disposable VM runs with sudo privileges. Is there a way to make it run without such privileges?

Why would you need it? Did you see this article?

Basically the gist of the the above article is that for AppVMs and DisposableVMs there is no significant advantages to having a password for running commands as administrator. Because of this, any program on Qubes can priviledge escallate to with sudo trivially.

The conclusion is that it shouldn’t make too much difference if programs are being run as an administrator or not. This of course in the case the user hasn’t hardened their installation. But please correct me if I’m wrong in this particular example.

So in this case @oijawyuh it shouldn’t be security concern having it already running as root. (at least not a significant one).

Thank you @fsflover and @deeplow for your replies. It’s now clearer.

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