Can I install MintTools for a StandAlone MintVM like with Windows/WindowsTools?

How can I do this?
i want tools in mint


I am not sure this will do want i want.

i installed unman’s mint template. the problem is it won’t show the GUI, just different mint applications in windows. the app i am trying to run shuts down once it creates a notification icon in qubes. even in an AppVM with unman’s mint template, the icon shows in the qubes notification and then the application shuts down.

i want to have a GUI environment where I can access the file and directory structure from qubes and copy and paste into it and also a GUI environment so I can see a screen, almost like a virtual machine.

i think if i follow these steps, i’ll have a template similar to unman’s and will only be able to run the appimage so it shows up in qubes notification area instead of within a bar within the virtual machine or standalone VM.

What you think you want is a HVM, not integrated in to the Qubes GUI controls.
You could try creating a standalone HVM, installing Mint from an iso, as
explained here
Then you might be able to install some Qubes packages to get some
integration with the Qubes system - like secure copy/paste.
I haven’t tried this for a while, but in my experience, Ubuntu based
systems will break.

Notice I said, “what you think you want” - I’m not convinced it’s the
best solution to your problem, but I don’t have enough detail to be sure.