Can I get what I have installed on dom0 after upgrading qubes?

I am using qubes 4.0.4.
I have installed new templates " whonix 16 and fedora 34 "
Also I have installed some programs on my fedora

I will get it back after upgrading to qubes 4.1.0 or not …

And can I backup it offline…

You have to do it online, cause the way you have to do the update is an “in-place-upgrade” → Qubes Documentation.
Your programs still will be there and available in your Fedora-34 AppVM (at least when you installed them in the F-34 templateVM.
But you should backup all the qubes, you work with daily, cause whenever you face an issue during the upgrade, it could mean you have to install all again from scratch.

and add a -y command on the upgrade command ( sudo qubes-dist-upgrade --all) if you’re setup a sys-usb cube and using usb keyboard only.

And if you doing a complete image backup of your current harddrive first by:

  • booting up a different OS from a USB Stick (i.E. Tails or somethings similar)
  • using a larger USB drive as your Qubes harddrive is
  • starting the Drives app on that OS and doing the IMAGE backup
    you don’t need to take care about a backup of your cubes anymore and can try this “in-place-upgrade” a million times - as long as it will finish successfully.
    Whenever it fails - you simply can playing the image backup of your QubesOS disk back and starting new… You’ll learn a lot.
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