Can anybody tell me whether any of these laptops should run qubes?

I am a proficient novice user of various linux operating systems and want to use Qubes to play around with various distros and learn more. I also love the security structure. I do not have the capacity to take apart a laptop or do anything super fancy, but can follow most tutorials so I am looking for a fairly headache free install. I consulted the recommended laptops list to find these but wanted to check with the community.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3 since it did not allow me to post 3 links:

Assume, all of them will work with Qubes. But you can check this out on the HCL

If it’s not in the HCL , nobody knows for sure if it will work.

You can look for a similar hardware in the link for a guess, but there can be no guarantee until someone tries it.

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