Calledprocesserror setguimode can't switch off seamless mode after installing win7 tools

ok so i got this error where qubes.setGuiMode
returned non-zero status 2
at line 795 (i assume the code i’ll start digging deeper into github in a sec )
of file /usr/python3.5/site-package/qubesmanager/

any idea if this is a common issue/…?

edit: qubes-manager/ at master · QubesOS/qubes-manager · GitHub

no clear cause so far still looking any help is appreciated…
edit:795 not 895 whcih is still leading me no where

man i’m experiencing lots o bugs and small issues
while the documentation is great you’d think more people would’ve allready discovred many of those things
(i mean there ar lots of issues i didn’t encounter but still…)

anyway for the moment i’m reinstalling windows with the tools just without the seamless comportment… which feels like a shame
do plz lmk if there’s a solution for this issue…