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I am running 4.1 on a brand new laptop - and it works really fine, including some bugs :-). I tried to install 4.0.4 first but this one did not work due to cpu panic and some IO-APCI bug. So I was wondering if is possible to build an iso with the latest kernel version to solve this IO-APCI problem.

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Hi @qubesfan35267,

the related documentations are :

Another way is to try to modify the 4.0.4 ISO by changing only the kernel.

But note that I never did these two ways…

thank you for the answer. Building the iso is not the problem…I am lacking the knowledge to integrate the latest kernel into the process.

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@qubesfan35267 for development-related questions the mailinglist qubes-devel may be better suited as that’s where most developers are.

I’ve just compiled working linux-kernel-5.12.8 for dom0.

I am working on QubesOS 4.1. Here is what I’ve done:

In dom0, Create Qubes VM
name: build_qubes_kernel
Template: fedora-32 (same as dom0)
(I have not changed max RAM/VCPUs)
start terminal in new AppVM

git clone
Verify repository follow docs
cd qubes-builder
cp example-configs/kernel.conf builder.conf
(please read builder.conf contents)
edit builder.conf - change “RELEASE := 4.0” to “RELEASE := 4.1”
edit example-configs/qubes-os-r4.1.conf - change “GIT_PREFIX ?= QubesOS/qubes-” to “GIT_PREFIX ?= marmarek/qubes-”

make remount
make get-sources
make install-deps
If you want to change kernel version default now is 5.12.5(I changed it to 5.12.8):
1)edit qubes-src/linux-kernel/version
2)make get-sources

make qubes

Building kernel took about 2 hours.
In dom0:

mkdir ~/kernel
cd ~/kernel
check rpm packages names:
qvm-run --pass-io build_qubes_kernel ‘ls /home/user/qubes-builder/qubes-src/linux-kernel/pkgs/dom0-fc32/x86_64’
copy packages to dom0 for each package (there are three of them) run:
qvm-run --pass-io build_qubes_kernel ‘cat /home/user/qubes-builder/qubes-src/linux-kernel/pkgs/dom0-fc32/x86_64/[package name here]’ > [package name here]

sudo qubes-dom0-update elfutils-libelf-devel

for each package (there are three of them)
sudo dnf install -y ./

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Changing to marmarek/qubes- is useless. Especially, you get out what’s built into Qubes or what’s updated on the git repository.

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