Build error on the fedora 33 machine

Hello Friends.

I am trying to build qubes iso from sources on the fedora 33 computer. Builder.conf is configured in accordance with “build iso manual”. But when I come to the linux-kernel build stage I give the error

sudo BACKEND_VMM=xen chroot /home/charley/qubes/qubes-builder/chroot-dom0-fc32 su -c ‘rpmspec -P --define “debug_package %{nil}” --define “fedora 32” --define “dist .fc32” --define “fedora 32” --define “dist .fc32” /home/user/qubes-src/linux-kernel/kernel.spec > /home/user/qubes-src/linux-kernel/kernel.spec.parsed’ - user
sudo BACKEND_VMM=xen dnf builddep --spec --installroot=/home/charley/qubes/qubes-builder/chroot-dom0-fc32 --installroot=/home/charley/qubes/qubes-builder/chroot-dom0-fc32 -y /home/charley/qubes/qubes-builder/chroot-dom0-fc32/home/user/qubes-src/linux-kernel/kernel.spec.parsed
*Qubes OS Builder Repository 2.9 MB/s | 3.0 kB 00:00 *
RPM: error: /home/charley/qubes/qubes-builder/chroot-dom0-fc32/home/user/qubes-src/linux-kernel/kernel.spec.parsed: line 248: %P: argument expected
Failed to open: ‘/home/charley/qubes/qubes-builder/chroot-dom0-fc32/home/user/qubes-src/linux-kernel/kernel.spec.parsed’, not a valid spec file: can’t parse specfile

Error: Some packages could not be found.

Any thoughts ???

I’m having the same issue trying to build an 4.1 ISO in a fedora-34 VM configured according to the build docs. Found useful info here: