BUG? : Changing private storage of DispVM

I am experiencing strange behavior with private storage max size of a DispVM.

  • DispVM private storage is currently 20GB
  • I run DispVM and “df -h” give me 2GB available
  • i change private storage to 21GB at runtime and “df -h” give me 21GB
  • i restart the DispVM, “df -h” give me 2GB again but the private storage setting is still 21GB
  • i can’t reduce the private storage setting once set (why?)

Am i using the DispVM in a bad manner ?
The DispVM is based on a Disposable Template of an AppVM which have private storage set to 2GB.

(I tested with other DispVMs in same configuration and it acts the same way)
Why can’t we reduce the private storage size of DispVMs ?
( sometimes i need it to have a few more GB for copying files, but as its currently “increase or nothing”, i need to add more and more space to update the storage at runtime as it start with the parent-setting)

Shouldn’t it act like fully disposables VMs (dispXXXX):

  • you can change the private storage at runtime
  • when closed, the private storage is reset to the template value

No, seems like typical beginner confusion with Qubes OS …

Pretty sure you are applying the config in the wrong place.

I “think” you are referring to a “named” DispVM which, inherits from your AppVM “Template for disposable”. If so, make the change in the AppVM “Template for disposable”.

Ugh, you just edited … :person_shrugging:

Yes but what if i need more space for only 1 “DispVM session”, like a normal “dispXXXX”

  • i start and edit the setting at runtime
  • when closed the dispXXXX disapear, new ones will get the parent settings.

I use “named” DispVM because i need to have multiple Applications sharing the same files at same time.
Imagine i need 100 GB of free space once, if i apply this to the parent, then i will be stuck with it forever as i can’t reduce it after.

If this setting “private storage” of “name” DispVM is useless for start, should it be reset at each “named” DispVM shutdown and synced to the “Template for disposable” ?

Simply change the size on the fly. Qubes is pretty awesome like that. :hugs:

Any tips with it ?
Actually as the setting is only “increase or nothing” i need to add at least 0.1GB and click apply, so i can “change the size on the fly” if i understand what you mean.
The downside is that if i need 100GB today, tomorrow i will need to either delete/recreate my named “DispVM” to apply a smaller size or apply a 100.1GB.

Thats not a huge problem, i love Qubes and thanks you guys for this awesome OS.

Sounds like you may want to do this:

A) Keep your overly abundant (100+GB) AppVM “Template for disposable” qube & associated named DispVM.

B) Rename them to indicate something like “large”

C) Recreate another pair named someting like “small”

D) Adjust small on the fly if need be

You don’t need to worry about the 100+GB config consuming the disk space, it’s “elastic” in the pool thus, only what’s actually used is consumed.

I didn’t know this. Thanks !

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