Btrfs bad page state

I had my system lock up, possibly due to a bug with btrfs.

Not recurring so far. Sharing mainly for info - please lmk if there’s a better place for this. I wasn’t sure if here or GitHub would be better.

Journal error on suspend:

BUG: Bad page state in process kcompactd0 # cut

page dumped because: non-NULL mapping

Final btrfs-related stack trace entry is btrfs_release_extent_buffer_pages.

System came back from suspend apparently okay, with a couple of appvms starting up and running, but then I found dom0 locking up - shell autocomplete and journalctl hanging and appvms not shutting down - and had to hard reset.

How frequently you scrub and balance it?

Never manually, and no evidence of it in the journal.

I use BTRFS all the time but I never ever had a problem. Assuming Dom0 is not corrupted get a copy of Kaisen Linux and it does have some BTRFS tools that you can use.