Bounce keys on boot

Just booted up my computer and got a notification that bounce keys were enabled. dom0 does not have it enabled. Don’t remember what color was around the notification since it disappeared right away. Is there a log I can check? This happened after login.

Just to make sure:

App Menu > System Tools > Accessibility > Keyboard

In the “Bounce Keys” section at the bottom, “Use bounce keys” is already unchecked?

On the first tab (“Assistive Technologies”), is “Enable assistive technologies” unchecked?

Last idea:

App Menu > System Tools > Session and Startup > Application Autostart

Go through the list and uncheck anything that looks like it might be causing this (but be warned that this could cause other stuff you need to stop working if you uncheck the wrong things).

Happened during that one boot and I checked those settings right after. No assistive or bounce keys actually enabled.