Boatload of questions about qubes before I use

Hello, below I have an list of question I need some help with, I want to have qubes all figured out before I hop on it

  1. First off Does qubes and qubes+whinox hide REFERER on .com and .onion sites?

  2. Does qubes/ and qubes+whinox hide tracking pixels?

  3. how you do max out the parmenters for disk encryption in qubes, or the default disk encryption can’t be changed, and if it can be changed is it recommended.

  4. How does qubes and qubes+ whinox hide agansit browser fingerprinting, does it really depend on the browser you are using, if so what’s the safest browser to use that protect you from browser fingerprinting beside tor

  5. What happens to your VMs atfer you shut down qubes, can you still go back to the same VM when you boot up qubes again also does it delete all data from the VM once shutdown

  6. is keeping qubes open (hibernating) atfer you close your computer safe, or it should always be shutdown, I’m saying this because sometime you have an unexpected shutdown like your battery dies or something

Hello there, it’s good to see someone working out what’s what before
diving in.
The Whonix devs recommend that questions about Whonix or Whonix in Qubes
should go to the Whonix forums, rather than her. That’s where they are
more likely to be seen and answered.
Try this forum for Qubes-Whonix

On the other questions:

It is possible to change the disk encryption parameters.
The Qubes docs are generally good, and cover this here

You can use qubes in different ways - a normal qube will have persistent
home directory on rebooting - this means that data stored in that qube
will be available on reboot.
There are also disposables - these are throwaway qubes - you use them
once,(for as long as you like), but they disappear when you close the
application you started or close the disposable. Any data you have
stored there will be lost.

I’m not sure what you mean by “safe”.
If you hibernate or sleep Qubes, then the disk will be decrypted and
data in qubes potentially available.
If you are concerned about security I would always recommend shutting
down the computer, rather than hibernating.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.
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Lol, I had to educate myself on what an OS really is. I’m so new to this and I’m don’t even know the basic lol. Lets says I’m using windows pros 9 I though qubes was like an app you can use To go in and out of while using windows. But now I understand that once qubes is download it overrides it completely.

So for qubes to always encrypted your hard drive/ data atfer your you are done with your device you have to completely shut it down everytime. Is that what all qubes users do who want raised anonymity? Let’s say your chargers break for so reason, or your screen break and sooner or later your computer dies , even though you may have left some VMs doesn’t qubes have protection for this. Also In what ways can someone get I got from an sleeping device that has qubes on it?

Tryna get my head around this, why Isn’t it decrypted 24/7 even though the device is sleeping

Also I have an new pc here, that has none of my information on it I have have never used before but it is refurbished, for close to perfect anonymity should I encrypted my hard drive in the computer before downloading qubes, or should I not worry about that, will qubes do that fine for me.

Are the default parameters the safest?

Qubes OS is an operating system that manages and integrates dozens of virtual machines in a way that compartmentalizes common activities and network functionality. You can run different operating systems in the virtual machines, including Debian, Fedora, Whonix, Kali, Windows and even Android. VMs can be networked or isolated and integrated together in many ways.

Most of your questions depend on how you configure your VMs to connect to the web, how you configure your browser and other non-Qubes-specific configurations.

In terms of disk encryption, your entire drive can be encrypted during the Qubes installation in a very secure manner. Just use a long robust password. When Qubes starts, the disk is decrypted, making the contents available to the user. When the user is not present, it is most secure to completely shutdown the machine which re-encrypts the disk, protecting the contents.

This guy is a beginner who covers a few basics. He is mostly accurate and will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Beyond that, read the documentation. You can skim many parts, but go through everything and read as much as you can - even if you have to take (legal) stimulants to do so. Just suck it up and do it. It’s a challenging platform but well worth the time and effort if you have any real interest in security.