Bluetooth mouse unsychronize each boot

Hi all,
I’ve did a research and not sure to find what i’m looking for.
I’ve installing Qubes OS 4.2, i have a template VM in debian-12-xfce and install on it the blueman, bluez and bluetooth package.
Then i launch the bluetooth manager from the sys-usb and synchronize my bluetooth mouse (Logitech MX Anywhere 3S), i can connect it and it works perfectly but when i restart my computer i need to resync again the bluetooth mouse, i don’t know what i’m missing.
Thanks for your help.

I guess you need to make persistent files with the device settings. (it may be in /var/lib/bluetooth/, but I did not check it and may be I’m wrong or not complete).
Read How to make any file persistent (bind-dirs) | Qubes OS how to do that.

Also depending on your settings you may use disposable sys-usb. In that case you need to make the files persistent in the disposable template for sys-usb.

Unfortunately it’s not working, i modify in dom0 the qubes.USB file and change deny to allow and now the mouse is recognized.
When i start the laptop it asks me if i want to authorized the bluetooth in dom0.
Don’t know if it’s the proper way but it’s working on my side

Let me correct myself, after a fresh install again to understand what i’m doing i found the location and put it in automatic connexion :
Launch bluetooth manager and do a pairing.
When it’s done open a terminal in sys-usb and do the bellow command :

sudo qvm-copy /var/lib/bluetooth/XX:XX:XX:XX

a prompt will open and copy to TemplateVM selected

Open a terminal in TemplateVM selected

sudo cp -r /home/user/QubesIncoming/sys-usb/XX:XX:XX:XX/var/lib/bluetooth/

You can now shutdown the TemplateVM and restart the sys-usb and it works.

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