Blived gui and manual installer 4.1 not working

I can try what I want, but evertime I try to launch the blived gui at the qubes installer it chrashes and reboots. I like to install qubes 4.1 at a second partition of my ssd to test it better, but I don*t want to kill my Windows installation on this disk, and always I am installing qubes it takes the hole space of my disk and I cannot select the partitions. How to create the partitions right, to get that working? with qubes 4.0x it was no problem to run the system at the second partition and windows at the first and I was able to select manual partioning at the installation process. Is there a a way to create two partions and qubes only uses one of that?

For me it worked using manual partitioning but not Blived. (I never got around with Blived…)


I will try it again using manual partioning. I first have to install windows on one partion and 2nd partition with none formated space where I will install qubes? Usually I select my ssd and don’t enable the button that I will have more free space and then qubes should not overwritte it and I should be able to boot via a grub menu entry again in to windows? But last time I did it, then there was no system-reserved partion after installing qubes don’t show two partion anymore, just one. I wil try it later.
have a nice weekend

So I cannot install it . when i select custom storage instead of automatic then the installer breaks.I am always installing in legacy mode. Is there a ways to reshrink my complete ssd disk ,create a ntfs partition and install windows on it?