Black screen when i boot from usb

so i’ve been trying to boot qubes os from my 8gb usb drive for a long time now. it shows a couple lines of text then goes black and doesn’t boot and i can’t find the solution. i’ve tried editing the boot64 file and i’ve tried using dd in linux and i don’t know what to do so please help me.

Hi @ineedhelponqubes, I’m glad you are interested in trying Qubes OS. Could you tell us which hardware you have? Did you consult the Hardware compatibility list (HCL) and checked whether your hardware is mentioned there?

Adding to @fsflover’s questions… what version of Qubes did you try to install? What are your bios settings? Obviously Secure Boot needs to be off. Legacy mode for USB boot if possible - as well as other tweaks that can vary depending on your machine.

I had the same issue with Qubes 4.0.4 on one of my machines. Could not get it to work. For some reason 4.1 worked.