Black screen first boot After the configuration is done

Hello everybody,
after installation,i carry out the first boot and i’m on the configuration page.
At the end of the configuration the black screen appears and it seems frozen.
I can’t even access the ttys.

I created the installation USB with the dd command as indicated in the guide.

if i try to force the reboot (long press poweroff button), at next boot i can’t insert the disk encryption password and enter in dracut shell.

Someone can help me?

Are you on 4.1.1 and what hardware are you on?

Could even be a disk error… Must be something pretty low level to go wrong like this.

Try another disk if you have one lying around?

It should be possible to mount the one you have to read installation and other logs, unless the password encryption itself is corrupted, in which case I’d suspect an unstable sector or area

I’m tried 4.1.0 and 4.1.1 by dell XPS15 9500 and dell g5 5590 in UEFI and Legacy. I have modified the boot as explained in

The disk destination is SAN DISK SSD Extreme portable 2 tb.

If you can read the message above.
I tried also without disk encryption, with same result!

from log, appears as the usb disk isn’t attached, indeed if i force reboot, power on again and i remove from kernel options “rd.qubes.hide_all_usb” i can insert disk encryption password, but after there is another crash!

Really… What hardware is this?

Is there anything else that is connected to that USB bus, especially anything that might draw significant amounts of power?

If its a desktop, is there a USB bus on the main board & another one that you could pull to try without it?

Just read through a boot log on my own installation here, but not sure exactly at what stage this might occur. I guess you could try to disable splash to see live what happens? Escape during boot does that for most Linux distros, can’t remember if its the case for Qubes.

What about power management? Anything there that can lead to overload & the main board or GPU panicking? Maybe something in logs for these?

Is a dell medium-top level

There isn’t anything except the usb ssd.

No is notebooks

I try this!

I check this! But I don’t think so

i found the problem.

In the configuration screen I left select the check mark under “Use a cube to hold all USB controllers …”

I don’t know why but my external drive was considered to be USB.

now all work

Thanks everyone for the support.