Black screen after installation (Lenovo Flex 2 14)

I am using a Lenovo Flex 2 14 laptop with Intel Core i7 4510U and Intel HD Graphics 4400.

The installation (the first portion of it?) completed successfully however upon the reboot, there is a quick black screen with many words then comes a completely black screen and I am left waiting. I don’t wait long after that - I assume that there is an error. Following the directions in the Troubleshooting section for this issue does not solve this problem. I must also add that I used a multiusb flash drive tool called Ventoy to boot the installation ISO from. Someone mentioned that this is an issue resolved by disabling the creation of sys-usb. Is that true and how do I do that?

Have you tried the steps here:

Look at the section titled “Installation completes successfully but then boot loops or hangs on black screen”

There are many threads about “Black screens”. If the documentations don’t help, try using the forum search. For example there is this recent one: