Bizzare issues...SOLVED

Good evening guys,

2 issues here don’t know if they are related.

1.) for whatever reason while working in my qube after I have been logged in for a few minutes. All of the sudden I get kicked back to my login screen and have to log back in…
Any ideas?

2.) Sometimes my “sys-usb” locks up or Idk just stops working and I have to hard reboot… After that it runs fine…Any ideas?

I see tonight that there is a Fedroa 36 update, maybe it will fixes these 2 issues…

Thanks for your time


So I still have the issue where I just get randomly kicked back out to my login screen even after the latest Fedora-36 update as of yesterday.

I also stopped using my USB mouse and keyboard and switched to my PS/2 setup and my qube stilled locked up and I couldn’t even use my PS/2 mouse or keyboard, so I had to hard reboot.

SO I have no idea as to what is going on here but would like some explanations or a fix.

You should look in the logs and see if there is any information on why you are getting logged out.

Logged out or screen locked? If screen locked, typically this is due to clock sync updates with a slow clock (or tome zone weirdness) in dom0.


Thank you both for answering back…

After a sleepless night and drilling down in my head, I found my problem.

Video Drive…

What tipped me off is the change I made the beginning of last week and that’s when my issue start right after that and yesterday when my PS/2 mouse and keyboard locked up.

I made the changes I needed to and neither the logout issue OR USB & PS/2 mouse and keyboard locking up.

I suspect that when my newly built and install video driver I did would “crash” and come back up,that’s why I would get logged out.
And when this video driver crashed I would get the lockups for mouse and keyboard whether it was my USB’s or PS/2.

Thank you for your time everyone.\

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