Bios settings question

Qubes reports it’s compatible and installs fine, except when “setting up network” I get a error that the sys-usb failed to start. However upon rebooting it starts up fine. My ocd is bugging me though, as this never used to happen so I’ve played with bios at some point and caused this error.

So please advise what to do with following bios settings:

Launch storage oprom?
Launch pxe oprom?
New card hot plug?
Data mode configuration? Ide or ahci
Execute disable bit?
Dock lan? (Control the PCI express root port)
TPM support?
TPM state?
Secure mode extensions (smx)?
Intel txt(Lt) support?
Exchange com port 1 and com port 2?

I think I’ve found the issue. Just did another install with execute bit turned off, and it worked.

I need to do another install just to test but it looks very promising!

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