Basic, small Network Monitor for QUBES

I like to know many MB are flowing to and from my computer, nearly constantly.

Obviously a Network Monitor is a great place to spy on what I am doing, so I am not real big on just picking any program.

Yes I know about WireShark, and Glasswire. Just, I am thinking something smaller. Although, I may choose to use either one of those simultaneously with a basic Network Monitor.

Might be there is already a Monitor, I just have not found it. Frankly I am holding off on running 4.1 until it is ready for secure use.

Thanks for whatever help is supplied.

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IPTraf is what I’m using from ages, as it runs from CLI but has some nice and easy to use User Innterface (by ncurses). It is small, and runs on every Linux based appliance.

But there are other similar (small) tools out there…


Agreed. I simply run iptraf-ng in a terminal window in sys-net.

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There exist Linux kernel modules to capture netflow information for whatever VMs that can be implemented as iptables target [1,2].

Captures are just a few hundred KB even for large amounts of traffic and you can view them with e.g. nfdump or whatever other netflow tool you like.

It currently only works with 4.x kernels in at least debian as debian is still on 4.x kernels it seems.

[1] GitHub - aabc/ipt-netflow: Netflow iptables module for Linux kernel (official)
[2] Debian -- Details of package iptables-netflow-dkms in buster

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