Backup restore a 'success' but restored qubes nowhere to be found

Updating from qubes 4.0 to 4.1 I created a back up and successfull restored it to my SSD.

However, I upgraded my SSD, so I created a fresh install of Qubes 4.1 and tried to restore my backup again.

The backup restore completes successfully, however, this time my backup qubes are no where to be found and the total disk storage space hasn’t changed.

This is such a peculiar issue, but like always with Qubes, it’s probably a minor error I am overlooking.

Could anyone help? Much thanks in advance.

Is it possible that you accidentally enabled verify-only mode?


@Sven I know youre not a dev but I see you post alot (youre a cool dude btw) – how can I let devs know that the Qubes Restore checkbox that says Test restore to verify backup integrity gets the brackets cut off so I didn’t see the no data actually restored message?

TDLR text in Qubes Restore window doesnt wrap so checkbox text is cut off.

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Hi @bigfluffydog, all issues pertaining to the Qubes OS Project (including auxiliary infrastructure such as the website) are tracked in qubes-issues. Please read these instructions first.

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