Backup restoration problem

I have a mini pc intel NUC7i7BNH.
I just restored the backup I made on my external hard drive after formatting OS qubes.
The problem is that my saved VMs are added to the original VMs (so I’ve got a duplicate VM) and the applications of the saved applications no longer work (“output in template application”). So I no longer have access to my personal files…
Thank you for your help, have a good day.


did you restore the template as well? If the template has the same name, it was certainly renamed. Check the template associated for each qube to see if they are using the right one.

Your data can still be retrieved, don’t worry.

So, actually, what do I have to do?
For example, I have a VM personal and a VM personal1 :
the VM personal is blank and all the applications work.
The VM personal1 does not work, it displays:

  • “qubes settings” : with “application missing in template” when we go to see the applications)
  • “start qube” : that does not work, there is error message: “qube personal1 has failed to start: Requested operation is not valid: PCI device 0000:00:1f.6 is in use by driver xenlight, domain sys-net”
    the same message is displayed for sys-firewall1 and sys-net1

check the template that is being used by the restored qubes

this looks like you have assign PCI devices to a qube but they are being used by sys-net.

What I normally do is never backup system qubes, remove checkbox from “Create default application qubes”.

That way there is no conflict with default qubes names when you try to restore. Otherwise you get “1” added.

also I agree with @solene re PCI - they should normally be assigned to sys-net only.