Backup Qubes - unrecognized data in configuration files and missing targets

So this was working before… now when I goto “Backup Qubes” I see a red lettered warning “Warning: unrecognized data found in configuration files” which I do not recall seeing before; and when I goto the next screen, I am not seeing all my Qubes available as the backup target? I am pretty sure I backed up to some Qubes no longer visible before. What happened or how can I fix?

It’s a known problem. Most likely this means that the VM which you used for backup last time is not running.

Say, you back up to a qube named external and let the settings be saved (this is enabled by default). The next time you start “Backup Qubes”, you’ll get this error if external is not running.

I agree it would be great to have a more meaningful error message.

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