Backing up qubes

I have a general question about backing up qubes. This is something that I am getting into the habit of doing. What I have found is that where I have backed up a few qubes (say 5/6 qubes and 20gb+ of room on the backup medium) when I have tried to restore them they appear to be corrupted. If I follow the same procedure and only back up 1 or 2 qubes (less than 10gb say) I haven’t had a problem.

As I said, the same method but problems with one the backup requiring more room.

Is there a way to confirm the integrity of the backups that I do rather than get to a situation where I may need a backup only to find that it may be of no use to me? I have had a search and see that there is a github suggestion back in 2015 suggesting that automatic verification would b useful, but I do not find anything after this.

A big thanks if you reply to me.

The Restore Backup utility can perform an integrity check on a backup archive that was previously created. See the “Verify backup integrity, do not restore the data” section of this link.

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Thank you very much for that. I will use this as it looks as though it is the only method at this time.

I appreciate the pointer.