Automation if copy to dom0 verboten?

Hello world,

I’m a Qubes neophyte, still trying to make sense of the architecture and the proper way of doing things.

One of the very first questions I still can’t resolve: what’s the best practice to port my management scripts to qubes? Whether I adapt my collection of bash snippets or try saltstack, I still would like clone my existing git repo and preserve my work there. I get it that I when I clone or pull from the repo, I should at least verify the hash of the latest commit.

My problem is: no networking (or git, for that matter) in dom0. What workflow do the saltstack users use here? Best I could think of with my limited knowledge it create a dedicated VM with git, then, following the How to copy from dom0 doc, run something along the lines

qvm-run --pass-io scripts-repo-vm 'tar -c /path/to/repo' | tar x

But this seems … inelegant. Surely there’s a better way?

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Does this help?