Automatic internet connection

My wired internet does not start automatically. 3 distinct connections always appear: wired connection 1, wired connection 2 and autho connection. All 3 are marked to start alone with VPN. sys-net is a fedora38. Why can’t the connection be automatic?

That’s way too little information for me to guess what’s wrong. But here are some shots in the dark - mind you, I never tried myself to use the builtin fedora-38 VPN features like this… :

  1. do you use more than one wired connection? If not, then it is worth checking which one is actually used;
  2. do you have more than one VPN defined? like, one for each Wired Connection? If not, maybe the first logical connection that comes up, and does not have a physical network connection, blocks the use of the VPN by the subsequent logical connections.

So I’d start by determining which is the “good” Wired Connection # and tweak the Priority so that it starts first, and/or deactivate the unused entries.