Authy broken, terminal prints out "missing library"

Please can someone help me out with this problem, i cant do a reinstall…

[user@personal ~]$ snap connections authy
Interface                 Plug                   Slot                             Notes
browser-support           authy:browser-support  :browser-support                 -
content[gnome-3-28-1804]  authy:gnome-3-28-1804  gnome-3-28-1804:gnome-3-28-1804  manual
content[gtk-3-themes]     authy:gtk-3-themes     gtk-common-themes:gtk-3-themes   -
content[icon-themes]      authy:icon-themes      gtk-common-themes:icon-themes    -
content[sound-themes]     authy:sound-themes     gtk-common-themes:sound-themes   -
desktop                   authy:desktop          :desktop                         -
desktop-legacy            authy:desktop-legacy   :desktop-legacy                  -
gsettings                 authy:gsettings        :gsettings                       -
home                      authy:home             :home                            -
network                   authy:network          :network                         -
opengl                    authy:opengl           :opengl                          -
pulseaudio                authy:pulseaudio       -                                -
unity7                    authy:unity7           :unity7                          -
wayland                   authy:wayland          :wayland                         -
x11                       authy:x11              :x11                             -
[user@personal ~]$ 

Sometimes, before it rendered completely broken, it also printed out this warning(for authy also ofc):

[user@personal ~]$ gimp
internal error, please report: running "gimp" failed: cannot find installed snap "gimp" at revision 380: missing file /var/lib/snapd/snap/gimp/380/meta/snap.yaml
[user@personal ~]$ 

Times before, restart helped out with the problem, then it broke completely at some point. Sometimes i had to reboot the whole machine, sometimes just a vm restart helped out. But i cant remember completely/correctly.

wtf mates, i disconnected the gnome terminal once manually and after it connected it back to the plug/slot and then it started working again xD :joy:

It is so f*****g unstable…