Attaching Veracrypt сontainer as if it was a device or a remote file system

There is the shared folders that is supposed to solve this problem, but for security reasons I can’t install anything into dom0, nor using the clipboard.

At first I thought about creating a source_(disposable)_VM_with_a_mounted_veracrypt_container-NetVM_transmission_server-target_VMs connection. I mean to create something like an interface to connect a source VM and a target VMs folders with a filesystem client.
But sometimes I need the internet connection along with.

But secondly, I thought there is a simpler solution using the qvm-move-to-vm command.
I was thinking about writing a script that does the following steps:

  1. Source and target VMs create public and private keys
  2. Mount a veracrypt container into source VM
  3. A files from this container are encrypted with the public key of the target VM in order to be sent to that VM
  4. The target system decrypts the files with the private keys
  5. Same process as steps 3 and 4 if we want to commit changes

But space usage is an issue.

I’m actually looking for something like a TPM but it’s a VM. The VM that exclusively stores private keys here and performs encryption/decryption operations on the fly by command

Any ideas or security issues?

This describes (in admittedly length detail) how to take a veracrypt container visible on one VM and mount it (decrypted) on a different VM. It may or may not be useful.

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