ASUS VivoBook install problems

hi, got quebes, used dd to write to write the ISO USB. My Asus laptop is recent but I only see a the usual initrd, vmlinuz text etc

Last message visible on the screen is
(XEN) Xen is relinquishing the VGA console

Why is GRUB not being used? there’s no way to change boot param to make it boot in lower res vga?

It never gets to the regular light blue quebes screen (grub?) to select “install”. Machine is ASUS VivoBook R465JA Intel Core i3-1005G1


another laptop is Acer Aspire, it does boot from USB ok, but during install it says ‘unsupported hardware detected’ although it then says hardware lacks features required. IOMMU/VT-d/Vi, Interrupt Remapping

Cliked Continue, but it stopped running. therefore I cannot install on a USB and then take it over to the Asus.

Screen backlight on, but nothing visible. Pressing Alt+F keys doesn’t bring up any console etc. Alt+F9 doesn’t show X server

any suggestion?