ASRock B450M Pro4


Model: ASRock B450M Pro4 (CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G APU)
BIOS: P3.60 (tested up to including P4.00)
HVM: yes
IOMMU: yes
SLAT: yes
TPM: unknown (option exists in BIOS)
Qubes: R4.0
Xen: 4.8.5-34
Kernel: 5.4.129-1
Remark: LAN not tested. DVI not tested. M.2 not tested. Suspend/resume broken even with amdgpu driver. Onboard HDMI works fine with iGPU. USB works fine. Audio too.
Credit: johnboy


Qubes-HCL-ASRock-B450M_Pro4-20210809-120230.yml (922 Bytes)

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Thank you @Johnboy for your HCL report which is now part of this pull
and will be
visible on the website soon!

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