Are Cloned qubes templates portable?

Scenario is I want to use a common modified qubes template (both debian and fedora) that I can move between same architecture hardware (e.g. workstation and laptop that are both amd64). Is that feasible?

Can customized templates be backed up / copied between physical hosts?

An extension of this is having templates and backups in the cloud and pulling to workstations for setup for common working environments as well.

I could not find direct discussion on templates that indicated if they are per Quebe OS install specific or if they are portable.

Thanks in advance.

You can convert a Virtualbox image into a Qubes VM, so I guess it should also work the other way.

It should work as long both share the major Qubes version, although for full compatibility better to have them on the same minor as well (ie: R4.1 on both).

You should upload only the encrypted backup that Qubes Backup utility provides with a strong password, so you’re protected by any compromise on the cloud provider.