Arduino/Microcontroller Development on Qubes?

I’m having some trouble working with an Arduino-compatible device. My program compiles fine, but the process of flashing the device involves it “rebooting” (or something) itself, which detaches it from my development VM, and reappear as a new, unattached device. So the flashing process fails, giving a “/dev/tty/ACM0: No such file or directory” error midway through. It doesn’t break the device, thankfully, but it doesn’t get flashed either.

Is there a way around this? I’m not sure if working with a fancy actual J-Link programmer would solve this, but I don’t have one of those anyway. Does anyone have any experience on this front? If so, what did you do? I’d prefer not to break the USB security model too much, if possible.

I’ve not tried it myself - but is it something like:


If you get Arduino development working, please share - I have it (somewhere) on my “when there is time for fun, I really should try to play with …”-list … :wink:


I use the Arduino IDE and I don’t have issues with programming, both ACM0 boards like the Uno and USB0 boards like the Pro mini works with sys-usb.

Using the reset button on the boards also works without disconnecting the boards, but if for some reason the board loses power, and resets the USB controller, it’s going to get disconnected.

If you have an extra USB controller, you can make an HVM and attach the controller directly to the qube.