Arctis Pro Wireless through Qubes

I have an Arctis Pro Wireless which is one device that masquerades as two devices (headset and headphones) so you can listen to two different audio tracks, I would really like to get this working in qubes but I’m a little stuck on it.

I’ve attached the device to a fedora app vm as is described here but while I can see that the device has been attached in dmesg it’s not visible in pavucontrol, I also tried this guide that is supposed to work for pulseaudio but that couldn’t detect it either (with aplay or pulseaudio list). I wonder if there is a weird combination of virtual devices and the weirdness of the headphone masquerading as two devices that is causing the problem but unsure. Anyone have any ideas?

So the problem appears to be to do with the passthrough. I managed to get it working briefly when I connected another USB headset and passthrough worked fine for that, then I tried again with the arctis and it showed up but I could only hear through chat but not through game (arctis has two separate channels for output which is quite handy for listening to music while you chat with someone).

I also noticed then when I tried to attach the device sometimes it would fail to attach, not sure why that would be happening. Maybe there is something that is preventing that from working but I’m not sure where to find the logs for that.

So I check in the USB VM and pulseaudio seems to have no problem picking up on the audio devices there, which is good but I don’t want to run spotify in the usb vm because that just defeats the compartmentalization. Ideally I should have a dedicated audio vm which would run a pulse server in place of Dom0 but that won’t be available until 4.1, and I’ll probably run into the passthrough problem with that too.

Keep the headset powered off while you passthrough it. Afterwards, power it on. Ensure you have relevant packages installed in both dom0 and sys-usb.