Arch template compiled okay, but no in folder

okay i am on the testing release of qubes due to z690 mobo and 12700k
i built arch as per the instructions on the arch minimal community page
and the process finished without giiving any error
but i do not have a templates-install file as mentioned should be there
What did i do wrong:???

followed this guide

the only thing i missed was setting up gnu make flags
i don;t understand how to set them up, where to go what to change.
I have copied the text i do not understand below

How to see whether the 'GNUMAKEFLAGS' or 'MAKEFLAGS' environment variable is used:
$ strings /usr/bin/make | grep MAKEFLAGS
GNU Make’s -l set to same value as -j prevents CPU overcommitment.

  • # Edit: /etc/profile.d/

export GNUMAKEFLAGS="-j$(nproc) -l$(nproc)" export MAKEFLAGS="-j$(nproc) -l$(nproc)"

Also Does these flags have to be set by everyone??
AS i said, i skipped this step and arch compiled and i have the iso fine, no errors. Just no file

How do i install arch/