Apt-cacher-ng Tutorial for a good use

I discovered census by @unman apt-cacher-ng here

Does anyone have a tutorial for implementing this in Qubes 4.1?


+1 for a tutorial/guide, too.

haha, I thought the same.

I’ve updated my notes in to more of a tutorial -

If you want a salt approach look at https://github.com/unman/shaker,
where there is a state for cacher.

If you want a turnkey solution, look at https://qubes.3isec.org/tasks.html.
Install qubes-task and then select the cacher package, which will
automatically install and configure your system to use the caching


Hey, thanks a lot. I’m going to look into this! :smiley:

And, if someday you want to update all of your qubes the same way, over qrexec, this could help

I’m using it because all of my VMs are offline by default, and if I want them online, I set their netVM manually upon their startup.

Can you re-format the part:

Edit /etc/apt-cacher-ng/acng.conf: Remap-qubes: http://fake.qubes ; file:backends_qubes

Then in /etc/yum/yum.repos.d, change the repository URL to http://fake.qubes/

What is the exact form of the remapped link? http://fake.qubes/... ?

Also the link in your guide leads to an empty document. I supposed you meant this link?