AppVMs won't get updates from Template?

I have the problem that some software on my AppVMs won’t get updates which are coming from the template? Especially Monero Gui Wallet on Whonix.

The following scenario:

I wanted to update monero gui wallet finally ( as v16 is out since weeks, but whonix still uses v15 on my system)

So I did, sudo apt-get install monero as in the actual whonix template vm (workstation for sure).
It said already the newest version is installed v16. I thought wtf because I had it open in an AppVM with v15?

I then started another Whonix VM, typed in terminal to open monero, it was fucking v16 ???
What also strange is, I then restartet the VM were whonix v15 was running, and suddenly it was v16?

Holy shit? Is that an sign of compromise?

In order for this to work as expected, a certain order of events has to be followed:

  1. Start TemplateVM.
  2. Install/update software in TemplateVM.
  3. Shut down TemplateVM.
  4. Start/restart/create TemplateBasedVM.

For example, if your TemplateBasedVM is running when you install/update software in the TemplateVM, and you do not restart the TemplateBasedVM, then you will not see the install/update reflected in the TemplateBasedVM. Similarly, if you install/update software in a TemplateVM but do not shut it down, then start/create a new TemplateBasedVM, you may not see the install/update reflected in the TemplateBasedVM.

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