AppVMs and Standalones get stuck in the "transient" state

Sometimes after a VM crashes, the VM cannot be shutdown, restarted, or deleted. It appears in the Qubes Manager with a little yellow indicator in its State column. Mousing over the indicator pops up the label 'Transient." In the menu that comes up when I right-click the VM name in Qubes Manager, the “Delete” option is greyed out.

When I try to restart it or shut it down, a dialog box pops up. The dialog box title is [Dom0]: Error shutting down Qube! and the error message is
ERROR: Domain is powered off: 'QubeName'

Is there a way to leave this transient state other than restarting the computer?

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Sometimes it’s just the Qubes Manager not showing the correct state of the qube, restarting Qubes Manager will sometimes fix the issue and correctly show the qube as being off.

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