Anyone use laptops with small size disks(128/256gb)?


I have a 128GB disk laptop with 16GB of RAM and I’m wondering is there anyhow I can run Qubes comfortably on a small size disk laptop, without upgrading the internals, but with the ability to enhance it with external drives?

I just found this article Secondary storage | Qubes OS , but I’m not sure if it’s up to date

Nevermind, as I guess it’s not for external drives

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It’s up to date and you can use it for external drives as well.

Can you please explain how?

Do you have sys-usb or are your USB controllers connected to dom0?

You can use a external disk if you want save your data you just need a “sys-usb” which is installed by default by qubes

I’m running qubes with a 256 GB nvme ssd disk with 8 GB RAM everything is ok you should be fine with 16 gb ram

If you’re disk is a SSD you should be fine too. But the best of the best for qubes it’s a “nvme ssd disk”" because vm will start so faster

I have a sys-usb, yes.

I want to use it as a storage for virtual machines(qubes), not just as USB


You can attach your external USB drive from sys-usb to dom0 by running this command in dom0 terminal (e.g. /dev/sda is your external USB drive in sys-usb):
qvm-block attach dom0 sys-usb:sda
It’ll be attached to dom0 as /dev/xvdi device if you don’t have other block devices attached. More info about how to use block devices can be found here:

Then you can follow this example setup:

But with /dev/xvdi instead of /dev/sdb.

You’ll have to attach your external USB drive to dom0 manually after each reboot but you can automatize this as well.

Did you say that it is possible to create AppVMs on an external storage?? :open_mouth:

Yes, it should be possible.

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Great! I’ll try but I ask me what it can do if I don’t plug this usb storage… :confused:
Anyway, I’ll try it when I’ll have free time :slight_smile:

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If you don’t plug this USB storage then you won’t be able to use qubes on this storage (they won’t start) but qubes on primary storage will work without a problem.