Anyone not from testing team using 4.2 already?

I was reading a news item. (TrenchBoot Anti Evil Maid for Qubes OS | Qubes OS) and happened to find an .iso for Qubes4.2 (pre-release) at (Qubes OS openQA: qubesos-4.2-install-iso-x86_64-Build202212113-4.2-install_default@uefi test results) webpage. So having found pre-releases stable before I gave it a go. And what do you know…I haven’t found a bug yet :slight_smile:

Anyone using it?

I would like to test it, even bought a new SSD for that purpose but I prefer to wait and either get a signed build from Index of /qubes/iso/ or take time to build it myself with the new qubes-builder.

I plan to switch aswell to 4.2 but waiting for it to be possible to do it from 4.1 as I don’t wish to handle moving qubes and other configs.

Speaking of 4.2 what is major about it?

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I am not able to pass soft-fail mentioned in build report
Installation passed OK, but then after first boot it gets stuck right when boot menu times out.

i7,X220 w/ coreboot