Anybody has a GPSD template or tutorial for Qubes?

If you are a crypto-credits user you must read:

The paranoid reader will have read example1.c before running it so as not to lose all their Bitcoin. AKA = also known as how to steal from dummies.

It was easy to implement in Qubes up to version 3.?. Funny thing happen. Android adapted gpsd and Qubes made it impossible to use. Thank you Joana!

Maybe a kerberos certificate pinning one day… I don’t think so…

In case you are wondering how I implemented accross VM’s in previous versions:
Similar to this but not exact:

This will keep all your VMs time synced!

My struggle is different from that of the infamous German with a short mustache. Let me take you down the rabbit hole!

I have 3 independent OSes in HVMs connected to sys-net. Each has its own time pool NTP servers. All 4 have different times about 10-20 seconds slower than GPSD (GPS time). Yes maps show the location correctly on all 4.
On top of that you have Network times like Whonix Tor and i2p (yes there are others) that are also different.

Radio blood flows throug my veins and I can time-sync from live broadcast. I did not do that yet because I have to order some anti depresants first.

In 1976-1978 when this Intel concept was created along with Qubes, I don’t think they anticipated the crap following. That is how long it takes to go from concept to implementation. Who do I sue? I wish JR sticked to her principles and finished the job without turning. Maybe somebody will and finish the job.