Any Suggestions for starting off with CubesOS?

I have made a list of Components that i would love to use for CubesOS:

Gigabyte B550m DS3H Motherboard (Rev1.3)
AMD Ryzen 5600G
AMD Radeon R9 270X
AMD Radeon RX 6600
Kingston Fury 2x8GB @ 3600MHz (base is 3200)
1TB Crucial P3 NVMe
512GB Crucial P2 NVMe
Corsair TX750m Semi Modular PSU

I will be using CubesOS for day-to-day Linux tasks such as programming, YouTube Browsing and Linux gaming with KVM running if some games dont run on Linux very well (like GTA5 Online) as well as for testing other software and not-fully-trusted windows-native softwares.

Any Ideas and suggestions?

Have you read docs section linked in other topic you’ve created (you are referring KVM here)?

Also QubesOS not very suitable for gaming due to hassle with GPUs pass through and a like. However your mileage may vary (search forum for “GPU”.

I have checked out the hardware compatibilities and what not for the hardware i will be running. And It said to function pretty well on an older version. the only problem being is sleep not actually going to sleep.

Buy those component from a retailer
with a good return policy. You’ll be
glad you did if SHTF when trying to get
the GPU to work correctly with passthrough
and/or gaming.

For starters, you can’t run KVM in Linux since Qubes uses the Xen Hypervisor. Additionally, while GPU passthrough is possible in certain hardware configurations, it is far from a beginner’s setup and prone to issues that will require troubleshooting to solve. Also, I’m not sure how well supported that Radeon RX 6600 card is: you may be better off with an older Nvidia card (GTX 1650 or similar). Another possible consideration is the number of USB subsystems included, if you plan on using a USB Qube together with USB keyboard and mouse.

On the gaming part, if you plan to multiboot, that may work but, again, multibooting with Qubes is not recommended for security reasons and it’s not a beginner’s configuration either.

As someone else said on this thread, either you get a very good return policy on that hardware or borrow it somehow and test it first.

Good luck!