ANY help apreciated - Qubes on Macbook Pro A1706 for alpha testing

I have a Macbook A1706 which I have been using to test the latest Qubes alpha build on (purely with the intention of providing developers any potentially useful information about their builds), but it has several issues.

  • libxenlight fails to create new domains whenever VMs are launched
  • the BCM43602 SoC wifi chip causes the ENTIRE system to freeze whenever it is attached to a VM

As it’s a machine purely for testing alpha releases, I’m happy to upload any information that would be helpful in getting this to work.

Nothing else is on the machine. It’s a clean install of Qubes-4.1-20200817 ISO. I have also created a systemd service that removes the BCM43602 WiFi SoC on boot, so the initial configuration will successfully run (but then no VMs will open, because libxenlight issues).

I also know it’s not exactly the best laptop to be testing Qubes on, but it’s one I have no other use for, and I thought “hey, why not?”. Plus, any testing information is good information for the dev team, right?

Can anyone help me get this to work?

Thank you in advance to anyone who’s willing to assist me in this (and the Qubes dev team)!