Another firewall-os

Hi community,

is it possible to use a other firewall-os (like ipfire) in qubes.
With an older version i could use it like a charm.
But now, it is not possible for me to create a 2. or 3. Network, like 10.137.1…
as it describe in the article of 2011.



What Qubes version are you using?
Can you say why it is not possible? What command are you running and
what is the error message?


i use the actual stable version 4.0.3.

The installation of the Ipfire-Version works, but after reboot

I try to configure the ipfire (Firewall-Distro) in a standalone HVM qube and inside the configuration-menu

at Network-Config i could not configure a second network.

NO ERROR Message.

Thats all.


Oh, sorry i found more informations in your Documentations.
Is it unpossible to use another Firewall-OS like Ipfire because
the article in the documentation:
describe at Network service qubes ff.
Is this correct.

Ok, then my topic can close.

If not let discuss again.