Another 2. GPU passthrough post

I might be experiencing the same problem as you are, I also have two NVIDIA cards one for dom0 and the other one for the HVM, I might add that the display blackouts very often (lasting for a couple of seconds), when checking for logs in the Windows 10 event viewer I found the following message correlating to the time of each blackout:

Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

Also the Windows 10 HVM is very laggy, I’m only facing this on Windows

Yes, I have this as well, once or twice per minute I get “blackouts”, which together with the lag makes the vm unusable (couldn’t even get to install a game and check fps)

Have you figured it out? I still haven’t found a solution, so far I’ve tried downgrading the drivers, installing different versions of Windows such as 7 and 11, and even enabling UEFI, I also tried enabling permissive mode as mentioned in the PCI troubleshooting guide the result was the same