Always open links in DispVM

I see people in videos about Qubes os talking about links (in Mail-VM for example) that open automatically in a Disposable-VM.
I have no idea how you can do that.

If you know a good guide or you have a simple solution let me now.

ps: If you have a way to make links not working in a vm (not like juste on the mail app or web browser but on all appvm).


Hi oliviaw,

First of all I’d like to apologize for my english. I’m not an english speaker.

In order to open automatically files, for example pdf files, I do the following:I do click on a .pdf file and I select Properties->Open with → qvm-open-in-dvm->set as default. This will automatically open all .pdf files in dispvms. The same must be done to open links.
I you are using minimal templates you have to install additional packages.


I have just checked for links and this is not true. Let me see if I can find a solution.

The pdf tips is good to now !

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For increased security, you might want to consider automatically opening everything in a DispVM: Opening All Files in Disposable Qube

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Thanks this is perfect !

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I find an other post that is more recent :

I don’t see this being a worse solution. And you have more flexibility because you can choose the vm you want to do that.
Am i missing something ?

For me this the best if that’s what you need.

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I didn’t even know this was a thing… Good to know lol thanks everybody

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In the case of .pdf files you don’t necessarily have to open them in dispvms if you don’t trust on them. You can use the option: Convert to trusted pdf.
Other option is open files in dispvms from terminal: qvm-open-in-dispvm <file_name>

In order to open not only .pdf files but also audios, videos word documents, etc in dispvms I have done the following: I’ve created a new debian-11 template. In this template I have installed libreoffice and vlc. Then I’ve created a disvm based on this template. Now I only have to type in the terminal: qvm-open-in-dvm <some_name>.mp3, to open an audio in a dispvm.


Is this solution supposed to work from a browser email?
I’m using a browser email in a separate email qube and I think it’s a great idea to open any link/URL from an email in a disposable vm, but I could not make it to work, it still opens in the same browser. Also searched but could not find an explicit statement how it’s working exactly, and browsing is all URLs and maybe is not supposed to work from a browser in such case.
So maybe there Is an option or other method, similar to right click on a file to select to open in a dvm, that can be used for URLs? Appreciate any hint or point where to look

It’s better to open separate topic for specific issue, due to better visibility and help and easier to find it by other users.

Thanks @enmus ,
I created a new topic here

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